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Information & Announcements / Plugins
« Last post by pengo1998 on November 08, 2017, 02:42:02 AM »
/spawntank (For events online) spawns Bradley tank ADMIN
/tec.givetrigger gives detonator for explosives ADMIN
zone manager ADMIN
Admin radar ADMIN
Player report ADMIN/NORMAL
Box loot ADMIN
Remote doors NORMAL
Private messaging NORMAL
Security Lights NORMAL
Information & Announcements / Rules
« Last post by pengo1998 on November 08, 2017, 01:25:58 AM »
It is up to the user to stay up to date on the rules. We will not warn users of changes. ignorance is not an excuse. Failure to follow rules will result in varying levels of punishment.

Raiding is modifying, sabotaging, destroying, or attacking a player's structure and property without permission.
In order for a raid to be considered started you must have begun damaging, modifying, sabotaging, destroying, or attacking their base.
You may only raid a base if there is at least one inhabitant of the base online. (finding this out is the job of the raider not server staff.) - one week ban - permanent ban
If you started raiding their base and they logged off while it was happening you may continue with the raid.
If you raid someone's base do not completely level the structure for no reason. - one week ban - permanent ban
Players asleep in the open and not within their base are free game.
Killing a sleeping player inside their base is considered raiding.(This does not protect people sleeping on the roof if they have no cover)
If you attack someone as a team you will be recognized as a team for 48 hours afterward which means hired guns are considered part of their last contractor group.
If you break a rule and realize it return all items to the chests or an admin and report it. Failure to report yourself for breaking a rule will result in different consequences.
When teleporting to a location you cannot be immediately killed. You may also not kill others immediately after teleporting to a location. - warning - 24 hour ban - permanent ban
You may not have a player teleport to you to trap or kill them and they cannot kill you immediately on teleporting. - warning - 24 hour ban - permanent ban
You can kill or be killed after 30 seconds of getting up.
You may not kill spectators in the arena. - 4 hour ban - permanent ban
Spectators are not allowed to assist or interfere with the arena in any way. - warning - 4 hour ban - permanent ban
Those participating in the arena may not keep any items except for the reward. - warning - 4 hour ban -permanent ban
Camping any zones is not allowed. - permanent ban
Setting homes in people's bases without permission is not allowed. - warning -4 hour ban -permanent ban
Clans is not optional.
If you team repeatedly (3 times in one week) in combat you have to create a clan with no exceptions. - one week ban - permanent ban

One Warning
4 hour minimum ban
one week maximum ban
permanent ban
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